WAX Mainnet Landsplay: Launch January 31st!

Good day fearsome players & eternal project supporters!

Monday is a big day for the Dark Country project — WAX Mainnet Lands Gameplay will be launched!

Read further to know what features Mainnet gameplay will have and what is waiting for you:

Use your own assets

You will be able to use your own assets — WAX Lands, Heroes and Cards. Just register with the wallet you have assets on & play with them!

Test Feature

Even though this lands gameplay will be launched on the WAX mainnet, one test feature stays: the SDM players earn while performing land activities is still not transferable to the market!

The token earned in this gameplay will be called TDM (test Dime), which will be erased from all accounts when the game goes full mainnet.

This will be changed in February, according to our recent Roadmap article below:

Dark Country Roadmap Update!

Good luck!

In the meantime, register with your Testnet WAX account & play here https://landtest.darkcountry.io/

The instruction on how to play Dark Country lands see in this video:

Stay tuned in our chats & be the first to try all the updates!

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Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon!

Dark Country Team



american gothic, CCG based game, where assets owned by users

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