The year 2023 recap and plans for 2024

Dark Country
3 min readFeb 1, 2024

New Cursed Collection: Launched an exciting new collection that captivated our audience. Partnered with Immutable X and purchasable with SDM

Games Played Milestone: Demonstrated our dedication to gaming with an impressive number of 18,500+ matches played in 2023.

Strategic Partnerships: Formed key partnerships with Aptos and Ultra, expanding our reach and influence in the gaming industry.

Website Makeover: Underwent a significant website transformation to enhance user experience and aesthetic appeal. Added Collections section so user can navigate everything.

Wax Blockchain Achievement: Achieved a remarkable milestone by reaching 170K+ assets staked within the Wax blockchain, reflecting our strong presence in the blockchain gaming ecosystem.

Mobile Playtest Launch: Introduced a mobile playtest for the Android platform, allowing a broader audience to experience and engage with our games.

Improved Stability and Optimization: Implemented substantial improvements in stability and optimization across our gaming platforms, ensuring a smoother and enhanced gaming experience for our community.

Aptos grant: Got a grant from Aptos, which shows that the project is valuable to new partners due to its history and active development.

New shop: Shop is relaunched along with Standard Packs and Cursed packs to buy via fiat and crypto payment methods as well as purchasing via SDM now available.

Tournaments: In Q4 we got back to our tournaments. 6 Tournaments successfully organized and participated in six thrilling tournaments, showcasing our commitment to competitive gaming.

Plans for 2024:

Android App Completion: We are diligently working towards completing our mobile app, bringing the gaming experience to your fingertips.

iOS Version Launch: Anticipate the launch of our iOS version, expanding accessibility to a broader range of users.

New In-Game Currency Shop: Introducing a new in-game currency shop, offering exciting items and customization options for players.

New Currency (Gold): Introducing gold as a new in-game currency to add depth and variety to the gaming economy and easier onboarding for non-crypto players.

Daily Progression System: Implementing a daily progression system, including daily rewards and quests, to enhance the overall gaming experience.

Mobile markets: For user acquisition via paid channels, our goal is to test our LTV and CAC to understand our scalability opportunity in mobile gaming markets.

Leagues and Seasons: Get ready for the thrill of competitive play with the introduction of leagues and seasons, bringing a new level of competition to our gaming community.

Extensive partnerships: Wombat, Ultra Arena, and other tournament platforms, gaming communities, and new blockchains.

New collection and Launch on Aptos: We are partnering with several projects to launch a new collection and potentially full lands gameplay on Aptos within our grant program.

Thanks for your ongoing support! Let’s ensure Dark Country grows not only as a game but as a community in 2024.



Dark Country

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