The first Dark Country Mythical card will be sold on auction

First henchmen of Destructive Horde are already raised and ready to take your side. We are devilishly happy to announce the first Dark Country Mythical card, which will be sold on auction on OpenSea marketplace.

Sombra Lucia card details

This Mythical card can be obtained in Standard Mythical packs, which are available for purchase till 29th of April. You won’t have a possibility to buy Mythical packs after.

This Sombra Lucia Mythical Card is 1 of 6 Standard Mythical Card types.

On April 17th there were 69 Mythical packs sold and we expect to sell about 40–50 more packs till the end of sale.

We can make a prediction how many Sombra Lucia cards will be exist:

110–120 Mythical packs are expected to be sold with 1 guaranteed Mythical Card in each. So we will have 110–120 Mythical cards with 6 different types.

Statistically there will be only about 18–20 Sombra Lucia Mythical Cards.

Auction details

Auction will be held on the OpenSea marketplace for 3 days.

Start: 4 PM UTC, 20 April 2020

Finish: 4 PM UTC, 23 April 2020

Start price: 0.2 ETH

Auction link:

Done by Immortal Games




american gothic, CCG based game, where assets owned by users

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Dark Country

Dark Country

american gothic, CCG based game, where assets owned by users

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