The Dark Country 2021–22 Roadmap

Aloha, Dark Country fans!☠

This year we’re going to make a huge leap forward with our Dark Country collectible card game modes, updates and soon will add a whole new gameplay layer —.

Let’s have a closer look at what we’ve planned and are already working on today:

👣 Introduction of the Dark Country Lands and meta-game concept.

👣 Big partnership announcement.

👣 Regular tournaments with prize pools launch.

👣 Dark Country Land plots sales on two blockchains.

👣 Major DC game update, introducing 3D-version and easy new players onboarding and (ta-da!) — Play 2 Earn!

👣 Lands gameplay alpha-version launch with in-game Shadow Dimes currency mining.

👣 New game modes and activities for Dark Country collectible card game: leaderboards, levels, rewards for daily activities, in-game market for crypto and casual players.

👣 Dark Country roguelike campaigns launch.

👣 Full Dark Country integrated collectible card and land gameplay release.

That’s just a quick sneak peek at what’s awaiting us in the near future, and we we’ll do our best to make you enjoy it!

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