Signature for NFTs — the way to make your items outstanding

Dark Country
2 min readDec 22, 2020

The Dark Country team once again brings innovation to the NFT field. Now we made Your assets even more unique by personally signing them.

How does it work?

  1. A special signature prepared by Dark Country team
  2. This signature is made by official Dark Country WAX contract darkcountryh
  3. Link with transaction details is placed on the cardback of the NFT card in the form of QR code. And this NFT goes to its owner. To find a signature — just scan the back of the card and follow the link.

And the first 12 signed NFTs have found owners today.

According to Dark Country Cultists packs sale, everyone who participated in pre-sale and sent their packs for the batch unpacking scored points in the leaderboard. TOP 7 users won innovative signed NFTs from Dark Country.

Meet our winners!

And this is just a first step towards making your NFT collections outstanding. Our future tournament winners will be able to sign their winning decks as well, increasing the collector value of their cards drastically and leaving a trace in an NFT history.

Follow the updates to know how to get your signed NFTs from Dark Country.

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