SDM Market for Packs with Standard Cards Inside Live!

Dark Country
2 min readOct 29, 2022


Hey everyone! Aside from the SDM Market topic, upcoming weeks would be hot for Dark Country fans, because a number of long-awaited things are coming:

  • SDM is to be used to buy Packs with Standard cards inside;
  • Unlocking of building upgrades to Level 5;
  • Guild Wars;
  • Farming launch (eta Tuesday, November, the 1st);
  • NFTs burning event (more details will come, estimate the second week of November).
  • Big Partnership Announcement and new collection drop. And yes, some parts of the new collection will be available to buy for SDM;
  • Daily rewards for PVP;
  • Leagues and Seasons;
  • SDM market and unpacker on the game client too;
  • Finally, tokenomics revision and put for proposal. Yes, you’ve been waiting for it!

Thus, today we are announcing that SDM Market for Packs with Standard Cards inside and unpacking features!

Details are the following:

  • The price per pack is 20 000 SDM. At this time 2000 packs are available. Our goal is to burn 40M SDM;
  • FLOW or WAX SDM balance will allow buying packs. So basically we are unifying SDM at some level now;
  • You can unpack packs and see them as any standard card in your portfolio (check the Unpacker image below);
  • You can stake them as virtual cards (via lands choosing DARKCOUNTRY blockchain in the Staking dropdown menu);
  • Exporting cards into the WAX blockchain is possible, the same as you could do with standard cards you got a while ago;
  • But moving packs to the WAX blockchain is not available for now — we might add that later;
  • As well, now you can’t transfer cards to the FLOW blockchain — a feature to be added.

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Thank you for staying with us — you drive our progress!

Yours, Dark Country Team.



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