NFT multichain export is launched for Dark Country items

Dark Country
2 min readJun 11, 2020


Dark Country team has made the next step on the way of connecting all blockchain platforms in one dApp and afterwards connecting blockchain gaming with the regular game world.

Today we’ve launched NFT export for Dark Country items.

What is a NFT export?

NFT export is a tool which gives a solution to transfer an NFT from the Dark Country game into the different blockchains. That means any transferable Dark Country item will be able to become a NFT using any available standard.

Dark Country NFT export will support next blockchain platforms:

  • EOS — Simple Assets, dGoods standards
  • Ethereum — ERC-721 standard
  • WAX — Simple Assets standard
  • other NFT compatible blockchain platforms

At start, within test launch, Dark Country NFT export works for EOS and WAX blockchains. Ethereum and other blockchains will be added consistently after all functionality will be tested.

How to export an item?

  1. Go to
  2. Choose items you want to export
  3. Press “Export items”
  4. Choose a chain you want to export in

What next?

As a continuation of the implemented export feature we will release an NFT migrator between chains. This tool will give a solution to transfer an NFT from one blockchain to another.

For example, to transfer an NFT item from EOS to ETH user will need to make 3 simple actions in his user’s profile. After the user’s NFT will disappear from the EOS blockchain and will appear on his ETH account. In this process Dark Country acts as a mediator between chains.

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