May-June 2020: Dark Country’s roadmap

A week ago our second stage of pre-sale was finished and we’re in the homestretch to release our game prototype in early access.

But before it we will launch some additional features which will help us to build an infrastructure around our game. And this is what we want to describe for you further.

In general our updates will be released this way:

1. NFT export\import -> 2. Exodus cards unpacking ->
-> 3. Game early access -> 4. All cards unpacking

Let’s consider each closer.

NFT export\import feature

NFT export\import feature is a tool which gives a solution to transfer an NFT from Dark Country account to blockchain and back.

Dark Country NFT migrator will support next blockchain platforms:

  • EOS — Simple Assets, dGoods standards
  • Ethereum — ERC-721, ERC-1155 standards
  • WAX — Simple Assets standard
  • other NFT compatible blockchain platforms

At start, within test launch, Dark Country NFT migrator will work between EOS and WAX blockchains. Ethereum and other blockchains will be added consistently after all functionality will be tested.

This tool launch is a matter of days, so soon you will be able to try it by yourself.

Dark Country packs opener

Exodus cards unpacking

Next will come an unpacking of Exodus cards. All Exodus packs owners will have an opportunity to set their cards free from the packs.

Exodus card series includes 100 unique cards with different rarity from Common to Mythical. More about Exodus cards you can find here —

Game early access

Early access ticket

We are expecting to release a playable game prototype for private testing in May. So soon users, who have an early access ticket, will have a possibility to be among the first who tried the game.

After the release we will provide a few game updates each month, moving step-by-step forward to release the beta version. Updates will include new content, bugs fixing, new visuals, etc.

All cards unpacking

After the first game version release it is planned to implement unpacking of all cards, available in game. It will be launched once all cards will be ready and balanced.

There will be 200 cards in general for the beta version release:

  • 100 Exodus series cards
  • 100 Standard series cards

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