☠March Project Highlights☠

Good day, Dark Community!👋

We promised to introduce a lot of new updates this month. We keep our promises, so read the text below👇 about March highlights of our project in details:

  1. 13 130 WAX coins distributed out for Heroes Staking and Reforge💰:

In March 2021, we successfully finished 4 weeks of Heroes Staking and Reforge. The overall amount of WAX coins transferred to the Leaderboard winners is 13130 coins.

2. Open Access to the game was launched through Itch.io🏆:

This month, on March 12th we listed Dark County Game on Itch.io — website for indie games. Thus, players can easily download the game and enjoy it for FREE!

3. 🔥Fire giveaway🔥 on Twitter grew our community:

This month we gave out to our Twitter followers a Tournament Pack and 3 Fire-themed NFTs for retweet, mention and WAX account. This way we expanded our community — more people discovered the Dark Country game!

4. Daily Users amount increased by 73%💀:

We are very happy to announce that we are increasing our user amount every day. Art, settings, social media and new activities are doing their jobs.

5. We launched Preseason Battle with a $500 Prize pool🃏:

The results of the Battle are really delightful (check them on our Twitter page). We are glad to see players enjoying Daily Tournaments and will keep on improving their mechanics. Stay in touch for more Battles and prizes!

6. Two major updates for the DC game were released⚔:

Our engineers worked hard to improve overall game stability, fixed a number of bugs and introduced game updates: notifications, matchmaking, changed mana costs for a better gameplay balance and added Windowed mode.

7. Most successful sales of DC Cards as of now— $300 and $800 per card:

The trading of Dark Country NFTs gains momentum and sets new records with $300 for Sinful Sheppard and $800 for Sylvia cards paid on the secondary market.

Congratulations, Dark Community and Dark Country Team. The journey goes on!

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Dark Country

Dark Country

american gothic, CCG based game, where assets owned by users