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Join massive Dark Country’s NFT-drop

According to the last 2019 NFT yearly report from, NFT market will get 50% cap growth up to $316 M and 30% players increment in 2020. To make this forecast real we should to contribute as well.

As a part of NFT ecosystem, Dark Country project want to spread the knowledge about NFTs, their abilities and value. And the best way to get acquainted about something — get it.

Dark Country is about to make first NTF-drop into WAX blockchain as the first step on the way of knowledge growth about NFTs. This event will cover all 460 000+ WAX blockchain accounts.

In fact, NFT-drop is similar to regular token airdrop. The main difference is users will get an NFT instead of regular fungible tokens.

If you are new to airdrops, you can know more here about it.

NTF-drop will start on Friday, 13th March 2020

To get a free NFT you need to have WAX blockchain account. That’s all.

Get your WAX account here.

WAX users will get a Dark Country “Virgin” card. It might be sacrificed on the dark altar to the Native’s demons in the hope of receiving a valuable Dark Country item.

As was mentioned above — dropped NFT item can be sacrificed to get a Dark Country item. Details will be published once the altar will be ready.

Besides this “Virgin” card might be traded on or transferred to another account.

Done by Immortal Games —

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american gothic, CCG based game, where assets owned by users

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