How To Join the Dark Country Flow Lands Pre-Sale & Main-Sale?

So, you’re ready to step into the Dark Country? Great! We can’t wait to see our community grow!

After analyzing numerous drops across projects, we wanted to implement a model that would maximize fair distribution and user participation. We devised a combination of whitelist and queuing systems to address the most common issues.

1. FLOW account

For joining the whitelist, the first thing you need is to specify your Flow account number. This one you should create in the following way:

  1. Download Blocto Wallet to your phone (via QR-code on the website or AppStore/Play Market) and register with your active email-address.
  2. After you pass the email verification, go to:
    - “Wallet” (lower menu)
    - Pen Icon (right upper corner)
    - “Add” (right upper corner)
    - swipe and find Flow, add it by pressing “+”
    - close the search and then you will see your account name:

The first step to fill in the Whitelist-typeform is done!

2. FLOW tokens purchase

To purchase Dark Country lands, you must have Flow tokens. But where and how do you get them?

Cryptocurrency exchange! You can use Kraken or Huobi (also OKEx and Coinlist).

  1. Fund the account with BTC, ETH, EUR, or USDT.
  2. Select the “Exchange” tab in the Spot market category (upper menu).
  3. Enter FLOW in the search bar to see all the pairs available.
  4. Select the suitable pair from the list.
  5. Enter the amount of FLOW you want to buy.
  6. Complete the process following the hints provided.

*Currently Okex and Huobi won’t let you withdraw FLOW, stating that withdrawals are suspended due to an upgrade to the FLOW mainnet. We hope this problem will be resolved soon.

3. Waitlist

Starting today, interested participants can join the presale waitlist via our landing page. The waitlist form will ask participants to enter their Blocto wallet address, in addition to expressing the number of packs they intend to purchase during the actual drop date. In order to ensure all interested participants have a fair chance to participate, we have added a minimum balance requirement that needs to be met to successfully join the waitlist. Currently, that balance is 7 FLOW. There will be periodic random balance checks between waitlist signup and the drop date, to ensure that users don’t move funds around to create multi-accounts.

Number of packs of the same type is limited by 5 per one account. You can reserve a maximum of 15 packs.

To also show our appreciation for the early interest, 300 first buyers from whitelist will get our special bonus card pack with 5 random Dark Country cards.

4. Queue

During the actual drop day, participants who have successfully signed up on our waitlist will be able to login via the same Blocto wallet and get a queue number assigned for the Pre-Sale time period. We will proceed the buyers step by step, dividing them into manageable groups to streamline the purchase user experience.

Each participant will be able to purchase up to the amount of packs they have specified during the waitlist signup process. However, there is no guarantee that there will be enough inventory available for everyone in the queue.

Just head over to the Dark Country Genesis Presale Page, hit the waitlist button and sit in the first row!

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Download the game and Play!🃏

☠️ JOIN — Discord, Telegram, Youtube

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon!

The Dark Country Team



american gothic, CCG based game, where assets owned by users

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