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Exodus card series details

Get Exodus cards now —

Less and less time remains till the end of Exodus cards sale. It will last up to 14th February and you will never have the possibility to buy them from Dark Country again.

Here we want to share with you some details about this card series, open up a bit of the Exodus exclusiveness.

There are 100 unique card types. About 50% of them will be proportionally divided between 4 races and the other part will relate to general cards.

By rarity Exodus cards will be distributed in the following way:

  • Common — 42 cards
  • Rare — 31 cards
  • Epic — 15 cards
  • Legendary — 6 cards
  • Mythical — 6 cards

Exodus card series will include its unique card mechanic — “inspire”. First card with this mechanic on the table will summon a totem. This totem will impact the abilities of the Natives. Any additional card with “inspire” will level-up the totem, which will lead to the stronger impact on the Natives.

Get Exodus cards now —

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