DC & WAX Land Pre-Sale: Coming MAY 25th!

The DAY you’ve been waiting for!

Buenos dias, Dark Country Players & Fans!👋

Today is the DAY you’ve been waiting for! We officially announce the Land Sale on the WAX blockchain will happen next week.

When is Pre-Sale? 💀

May 25th.

4 pm UTC — Whitelist 1 Round. Duration: 1 hour.

5 pm UTC — for Whitelist 2 Round.

When is the Main Sale? 💀

Approximately within 2 weeks after the presale.

Where? 💀

AtomicHub market. The link to the drop will be available from the Dark Country homepage.

Who can join? 💀

Whitelist Round 1: Is open to long-term fans and DC Supporters that bought for 39.90+ USD till September 15th 2020 via the Dark Country website. We also include our top-active chat members, Guild’s leaders and chat moderators in the list to show our appreciation for their hard work and support.

There will be a limit: 1 Rancho (1 Land plot) and 1 Mayor’s (3 Land plots) packs with a cooldown of 30 minutes, so if you are lucky you might be able to get more.

There are 120 Whitelist 1 users and a total supply of 120 Rancho and 120 Mayor’s packs will be available for this round.

The old fans of Dark Country from Whitelist 1 will have a discount of 25% and can buy Land packs for a price of $150 and $450 respectively (in WAX).

The Packs are GUARANTEED for Whitelist 1 players.

Whitelist Round 2: Users from Whitelist 1 + Players that have played Dark Country game at least one time till 00:00 May 19th 2021.

Players will get an option to buy 1 Rancho and 1 Mayor’s pack. 20 minutes cooldown.

Supply: 880 Rancho and 280 Mayor’s packs.

The price of a Rancho Pack will be $200 (in WAX). Mayor’s Pack will cost $600.

You will be able to check if you’re in Whitelist 1 with your WAX wallet or if you’re in Whitelist 2 on Dark Country website: login and press Land Sale Verify button.

Note. If you don’t have a WAX wallet connected to your Dark Country profile, it’s the right time to do it.

Main Sale Round: Everyone is welcome to buy 1 Rancho and 1 Mayor’s pack.

Packs Supply: 1050 Rancho and 250 Mayor’s packs + packs remaining from Round 1 & 2.

What packs will be offered? 💀

For the WAX Land Sale we’ll offer 2 types of packs: Rancho packs with 1 land plot and Mayor’s packs with 3 land plots.

The chances for land plot’s rarities for the packs are:

What is the Dark Country Lands?💀

Just in case you’ve missed this, please, refer to the Introduction to Dark Country lands article!

More information and other details will be revealed soon!
Please, stay tuned!

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Download the game and Play!🃏

☠️ JOIN — Discord, Telegram, Youtube

Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon!

The Dark Country Team



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