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3 min readSep 14, 2020


A surprise has been prepared from the Dark Country team for all WAX users! In addition to long-awaited Cards Unpacker we are happy to announce an Exodus Heroes Sale with the possibility of instant hero unpacking!

As you know, Dark Country game is not only a CCG/TCG. It will include city building and Dark Country lands exploring campaigns that are organically implemented in classic card game modes. And we made the first step towards this game mode.

Meet Dark Country Heroes — the explorers of Dark Country lands! Heroes are game characters that are used to explore one of four Dark Country lands locations. They will lead your army and fight for rare resources and artifacts with other players and in-game lands invaders.

Dark Country Heroes Details

As it was said earlier, Heroes are used to explore one of four Dark Country lands locations for rare resources and artifacts.

There are 35 different hero types in total. Each Hero will have 3 main stats — Health, Energy and Bag Space. These stats could be increased once items and artifacts equipped. Any Hero will have special slots for these items.

Together with stats, each Hero will have its rarity. The higher the rarity of the Hero, the better the basіс stats.

Stats and Rarity correlation

Some exclusive features of Dark Country Heroes

  • Choose a Hero for exploring. Players can have several heroes in their rosters (even the same)
  • Hero armies. Heroes will use your prepared card decks to explore lands and fight for artifacts
  • Deadly locations. There will be locations where your Hero can be defeated and you will lose him forever. Will you risk it for a TOP item?
  • Hero Equipment. Heroes have slots for items and artifacts that they can equip

Sale details

The first limited Heroes Exodus series will be available for sale at the start of live Unpacking event on Thursday, September 17th at 3 PM UTC with instant unpacking!

All Heroes NFTs will support Atomic Assets Standard and will be available for purchase with WAX only and will be dropped to your WAX wallet after unpacking.

So prepare your WAX ;)

Exodus Heroes Series in numbers


There will be 2 types of Hero packs: Adventure Hero Pack and Champion Hero Pack

Adventure Hero Pack — 130 WAX

Capped — 10 000 packs

  • 3 heroes inside
  • All Heroes distributed randomly

Adventure Hero Pack distribution probabilities

Champion Hero Pack — 520 WAX

Capped — 7 000 packs

  • 12 heroes inside
  • 1 guaranteed Epic Hero
  • 1 guaranteed Legendary Hero
  • 10 Heroes distributed randomly

Champion Hero Pack distribution probabilities

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