Dark Country Tournament at AtomicHub Game Fest

Dark Country
2 min readJun 21, 2023

Starting on June 19, the AtomicHub Game Fest is set to kick off as the first-ever mass participation event for the WAX blockchain. This exciting week-long celebration will highlight a diverse collection of leading web3-powered games spanning multiple genres. During the AtomicHub Game Fest, players will have the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete against each other for a chance to win a prize pool of over $3,000+. As part of this event, the Dark Country Tournament will be held, and registration is now open!

To sign up for the Dark Country Tournament, visit the registration page on the BluMint platform.

Save the Date

Mark your calendars for the tournament day and ensure you are available at the following times according to your region:

📅 Date: June 22

⏰ Europe: The tournament will begin at 16:00 UTC, and check-in starting at 14:30 UTC.

⏰ North America: The tournament will kick off at 03:00 UTC with check-in starting from 01:30 UTC.

Please sign up before the tournament day. Once the event begins, remember to check in on BluMint and join their Discord server.

Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking event at the heart of the web3 gaming revolution. Join the AtomicHub Game Fest, participate in the Dark Country Tournament, and immerse yourself in thrilling gameplay and fierce competition! See you there!

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Thank you for your interest in our work, and we can’t wait to see you exploring the Dark Country and battling it out!🫀



Dark Country

american gothic, CCG based game, where assets owned by users