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2 min readFeb 17, 2020


As we can all see, Dark Country Exodus cards sale has been ended. This stage was designed for early adopters, that will support project from the early beginning. And the result was fantastic — there where 2015 Exodus packs sold! Thank you for your support!

More about Exodus card series — https://medium.com/@darkcountrygame/exodus-card-series-details-e6cb4d30c2ad

New stage

Now we are ready for the next step of our project development. We prepared a lot of NFT-based features for this period. Some of them will be first-ever implemented on the whole gaming and blockchain market.

This stage will last till the April 30 and during this period you will be able to get standard Dark Country NFT items. Here are some details about standard packs sale.

Packs with guaranteed rarity

During this period you will be able to get standard card packs with guaranteed rarity: Rare, Epic, Legendary, Mythical.

You won’t have such opportunity after!

After this stage there will be only one pack on sale without guaranteed rarity. All 5 cards will distribute randomly.

Mythical Packs

Standard Mythical Packs will be available during this stage.

This is the last stage, where Mythical Pack is available to buy

Standard Mythical Pack price starts at $49,95 and will be increased for 0.5% after each purchased pack.


All packs in Starter and Mega bundle will be standard. The price and filling will not change. It is possible that new bundle will be added during this stage.

Stay tuned to get more info about our updates!

More about Dark Country project — https://medium.com/@darkcountrygame/announcing-dark-country-project-ccg-based-game-esports-and-co-creation-platform-9074f6e07cfa

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