Dark Country Lands Tutorial: May 2022 Edition

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6 min readMay 13, 2022

Hello, all followers of the Dark Country project!

Today we are answering the most popular question of the last few weeks: How to play Dark Country Lands? Read the article further, where we explain everything, including the new features added with the latest update.

What do I need to start playing?


First of all, you should acquire some of our WAX/Flow assets, which are:

  1. Lands;
  2. Heroes;
  3. Cards;

& can be found here:

WAX Markets:

Flow Markets:


What do I need Lands for?

Lands are used for performing multiple activities in the game and earning tokens and resources. They are the basis of the land game, and if you don’t have any — you will not be able to start playing.

What do I need Heroes for?

Heroes are used for creating parties, reforge contracts and joining tournaments on lands. Later, for this, you can earn token rewards.

What do I need Cards for?

Cards are used as soldiers in creating parties and joining tournaments on lands. Later, for this, you can earn token rewards.

Also, it is crucial to stake cards to be able to play with them in our card game.

What do I earn in the game?


The influence of land is an indicator of the land strength in the dark country world. It determines the portion of the global daily SDM reward that land gets. A higher influence level provides a higher daily SDM reward.
The basic influence is 100 and can’t get lower than that. Landowners create activities for players that increase influence upon their completion. Lands have different influence calculation multipliers depending on land rarities.
The multiplier is applied when the landowner is rewarded for the completed activity on his land.

  • Common — 1
  • Rare — 1.5
  • Epic — 3
  • Legendary — 5
  • Mythical — 10

Influence deflation: to encourage players to play the game actively, influence points always deflate. The deflation rate is dynamic and increases exponentially when influence rises. The deflation rate can be reduced by staking SDM on the land by landowners and players.

SDM (hard currency, now you can earn only TDM — test token, which will be disabled after the test play is over)

  • used to instantly finish buildings;
  • refresh hero energy and HP;
  • buy resources;
  • trade on exchanges;
  • payout rewards for Quests and Reforged Contracts.


  • used to access PvP and PvE activities;
  • Classic PvP;
  • Quests;
  • Tournaments;
  • Arena;
  • PvE adventures.

Stone & Lumber

used to build buildings.

How do I play the game?

The typical gameplay session of the Dark Country landowner is like this:

Login to the landtest: https://landtest.darkcountry.io/lands

Stake your assets

(Lands, Heroes and Cards) anytime you want to use them in the land game. Since you’ve staked them, they are able to be used in different land activities.

Choose a Faction to play/stake

You have to choose a faction that you will play. You can stake at any of the factions regardless of where you chose to be:

The following formulas are used for payouts:

pool = reminder of original PlayAndEarn pool, initially 30BN of SDM.

Total daily payout= 0.3 *pool*0.0001*(stakedlands/alllands).

Total daily payout Factions = 0.7 *pool*0.0001*(stakedlands/alllands).

Payouts will be done in percentage that was staked to factions.

For example, total stake tokens are 30 000 000 for all factions. One faction has 3 000 000 tokens at stake, so this means 10% of TotaldailypayoutFactions will go to those who chose that faction.

Max. Limit per day per faction will be 750 000 SDM to pay. Min. Limit per day per faction will be 1% of Total daily payout Factions. Unstake from Fraction will take 15 days.

Join/Create Quests for TDM rewards

In the Saloon, you can join quests, which were created by other players or create your own ones. For each quest you will receive a TDM reward, the minimum is 20 (depending on the Rarity of the land you are using). You can also join our paid subscription to auto-repeat quests. You will see a popup that leads to the profile page & subscriptions tab. Here: https://landtest.darkcountry.io/profile, in your profile please add the billing tab.

You can pay for 1/3/12 months of subscription:

  • 1 month = 2000 SDM;
  • 3 months = 5000 SDM;
  • 12 months = 18 000 SDM.

Create Tournaments for Influence boost

The rewards for the tournament are based on the rarity of the land and the cards (Soldiers) you have chosen.

Create Contracts for TDM rewards

Reforged heroes prefer long-time contracts over short daily quests. Players create offers for landlords where they specify:
- Hero rarity;
- Hero level;
- Duration;
- SDM reward.
Landowners pick from the list of offers and start a contract.
The minimum contract duration is two weeks, with a maximum — of 3 months;
Contracts can’t be canceled;
SDM reward is paid out once the contract is accepted; Also, SDM is paid out everyday.
Influence is added daily.

Recruit more soldiers

In the Barracks (previously — Guild House), you can recruit more soldiers (other players’ assets) for your daily activities and earn more rewards.

This is it for the land's gameplay at the moment. As you can see, the Dark Country game is far beyond clicking each minute to earn small rewards. We are trying to make our game rich with functions, mechanics and, of course, graphics. Try the game yourself by the link below and you’ll see:

Try our card game as well, for PVP matches and Tournaments with rewards!

Stay tuned in our chats, turn on the notifications for the announcements channels and don’t miss our big upcoming update, which will allow you to play Dark Country and earn!

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Thank you for checking out what we’ve been working on, we look forward to seeing you battling out in the Dark Country soon!

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