Dark Country Halloween event

Dark Country is the spookiest blockchain game, right?

Because of that we are offering to join the Dark Country Halloween event! Share the Dark Country game to the community and get rewarded for your activity and creativity.

How to join the event?

  1. Choose any Dark Country’s art, be it your favourite Card, Hero, or the creature that scares you the most.
  2. Quote the tweet and publish chosen art. You can add some small lore about it.
  3. Get as many retweets and likes as you can!

Like will be counted as 1 point

Retweet will be counted as 3 points

3 tweets with the highest number of points will get 1 Champion Heroes pack each.

The results will be announced on Halloween — October 31, 2020.

BONUS: 3 best lore by DC team opinion will get an Adventure Heroes pack each!

Where to get Dark Country creature pictures?

  1. Dark Country Arts: https://darkcountry.io/art
  2. Dark Country Wiki :https://darkcountry.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360012427857-Exodus-card-series (right click — open image to get the link)
  3. WAX Atomic Hub: https://wax.atomichub.io/explorer/collection/darkcountryh
  4. Simplemarket: https://wax.simplemarket.io/products?skip=0&limit=100&offers=&authors=darkcountrya&categories=card&priceFilter=0&isVerifiedAuthorsOnly=true&locale=en
  5. Collectables.io: https://collectables.io/?author=darkcountrya&orderby_block=desc&tab=All%20Listings&contract=simpleassets
  6. WAXplorer: https://waxplorer.com/search?collection=darkcountryh&order_by=offer&order_dir=ASC&search_type=sales