Announcing DC Cultists sale — your limited chance to get unique items. 4 bonuses inside

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6 min readNov 9, 2020

Dark Country is eager to announce our upcoming timely LIMITED Cultists Pre-Sale, Sale and Unpacking Event that will happen right before Early Tickets Alpha version launch

Note. Read it to the end, 4 bonuses inside

Purchase options

  • Pre-sale (Nov 18th): WAX/ETH/BTC/LTC/BCH/DAI/USDT
  • Sale (Nov 19th): WAX

Packs and Setup

This sale includes set of 120 cards: 100 Standard cards + 20 Cultists cards. Thus all these 120 cards will also have a unique border only in these packs.

Looks how cool it is , isn’t it?

Different card borders

Cultist packs supply details

Cards drop probabilities

Cultists cards details

Average Cultist is a type of creature recognized for his swarming style. They are pretty weak separately but with every next cultist their synergy allows them to grow in strength significantly. So basically the more cultist You have, the stronger all the others become and that is what Your opponent wants to avoid, while playing against them.

They will be pretty low at mana cost so building a deck around them will give players early game advantage.

At this point most of our decks are relatively expansive manawise focusing on mid to late game, so this should give our players a nice alternative.

Cultist by rarity will consist of:

  • 9 Common cards
  • 5 Rare cards
  • 3 Epic cards
  • 2 Legendary cards
  • 1 Mythical card
Cultist packs

Why sale, why now?

🔴 November 20th Dark Country is releasing an Early Tickets Alpha version. We name it Alpha 2.0.

Our Alpha 1.0 was released 2 month ago, got well tested by our nearest followers and is ready to go. It got 8 minor and major releases and over 130 cards in the game as of now.

Alpha 2.0 will be available basically to everyone in our community (many of our users already have at least one early access ticket), also there are plenty of them on the market. We estimate around 1000 of Early Tickets issued in general.

In order to play the game you might need to have several decks for different races, which means 300–400 cards in total. If we estimate 600 users then it means over 200 000 cards to use in game only, we are not taking a fact that some might be used to keep for collecting purposes only.

This amount of cards matches our sale numbers and that is what our user base might need now, assuming game audience will grow that can be even bigger sometime in the future.

Timeline and schedule

🔸 18th November

1:00 PM UTC we are starting pre-sale, which will last 24 hours. Pre-sale will give the option to buy packs with 10% off from regular price. Users will be able to pay in several currencies that are available via Coinbase commerce payment module and WAX of course.

During pre-sale we wont send packs immediately, but after 24 hours in priority as you bought pre-sale. An option will be available to those who want to send packs into batch minting rather than receiving it and sending manually, this is an option for those who won’t be able to be online during the Batch unpacking event. A countdown to pre-sale will be at website and will be posted in our community channels in advance prior to start.

🔸19th November

1:00 PM UTC pre-sale stops and all packs that were chosen to receive will be sent to users in order they booked, the rest will go and wait it’s time in the queue for batch unpacking.

3:00 PM UTC sale starts at Atomic Hub and Dark Country website. Purchase will be available using WAX only. During sale users will be able to send purchased packs to a batch if they want to race for 1st mint numbers.

Note. A live stream is planned with our partners at 5:00 PM UTC, to dig in details of Upcoming Game release as well as sale and unpacking.

7:00 PM UTC Batch Event to start. During this event, we will randomly select packs that were sent to the batch event to unpack them. This is a Dark Country approach to everyone that wants to have fair chances in order to pursue. A web page will be available to follow this event.

Batch unpacking process

For those that want to unpack purchased packs, please do not send them into the batch event, so manual unpacking will be available after the batch event is completed.

That’s the base part, but we prepared solid bonuses as well. Bonuses are subject to change, so we might add more stuff as we go.

BONUS 1: Lead them all

Everyone that takes part in pre-sale and sends packs for Batch Unpack, you will receive 1 point per WAX spent.

This will form a leaderboard, where first users will be able to receive different prizes.

  • 1st Prize: Soul card + 2 Legendary Cultist Cards (max slots) with dev team signature* + 2 worshiper packs
  • 2nd Prize: Mythical Cultists Card (max slots) + 2 legendary (max slots) with dev team signature
  • 3rd Prize: Mythical Cultists Card, dev team signature(max slots) + Worshiper pack
  • 4th Prize: 2 Legendary Cultist Cards, dev team signature(max slots), + Worshiper pack
  • 5th — 7th Prize: 1 Legendary Cultist Card, dev team signature (max slots), 1x Worshiper Cultist pack
  • 8–10th: 2x Worshiper Cultist pack
  • 11th — 15th: 2x Disciple Cultist packs
  • 16th — 20th: 1x Disciple Cultist pack

*Dev team signature — a unique mark on your NFT from devs as a sign of reverence

BONUS 2: Buy 20 get 1 more

For every 20th pack you purchase, you are gonna receive 1 bonus pack of the same kind. This will be covered via up to 5% pool from our Promotional pool.

BONUS 3: Catch the bonus card

Cultists packs are happy that you’re gonna purchase them, so from time to time you will get additional, collectable only cards. Those cards are in game, but not forming a deck, they popup in certain situations. Still we find it cool to have such cards available to Dark Country game fans.

BONUS 4: Collect them all

First 20 people that get all cultist cards of the same border color can claim a unique mythical Cultist Hero. You will be able to claim cultist hero only once per particular card.

Also among those 20 we will randomly select a winner of one DCC Hero.

Cultists collection

P.S. Information regarding Standard Packs

It will also be announced and issued as a separate article
17th November 1:00 PM UTC,
users that hold Standard Packs and boosters will be able to send them to batch unpacking events during 48 hours. So this should be enough time for everyone that was buying those .

We will provide a small Page where you will be able to choose which pack and booster(if any) to send. This can be done in bulk, as some of you have.

Packs that will be sent to Batch unpacking, will be unpacked during the same event . Cards in these packs will have look and feel as exodus cards, so no special borders like in Cultists. So that means these cards will have separate mint numbers that Cultists.

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