Announcing Dark Country project: CCG based game, esports and co-creation platform

Dark Country
7 min readDec 4, 2019


The world of gaming is huge. Every day billions of transactions in gaming industry done trying to make player more satisfied and self convinced. Players spend huge amounts of money for fun and to feel himself standing out, not like everyone.

In-game items are sold to players… No wait. “Rented” is the right word, not “sold”. When you are buying something, like a car, you own it. You can use it whatever you want. In case of games majority players make purchases, but instead of ownership they gotta rent without fixed tenure. The game owner can easily make any restrictions of bought item usage or even delete it.

What if all digital items you bought is owned only by you?

We are here to change things around. We are eager to announce Dark Country project as a start of player’s total ownership of his digital assets. Once player bought an item, he will be able to dispose of it whatever he want — use in games, trade, transfer, change or even destroy.

We can do it with the help of blockchain-based technologies. It works quite simple. Any item will be created as Fungible Token (FT) or Non-Fungible token (NFT).

Fungible Token (FT) — a uniform digital asset, like any currency. Can be replaced with any other token of the same type.
Non-Fungible Token (NFT) — a unique digital asset which is indivisible, like your ID. Cannot be replaced with another one NFT, even of the same type.
More about FT/NFT here.

After purchase, player gets his FT/NFT on account and nobody else can make any actions with it.

Our aim is to improve gaming industry with blockchain features. But only with features that meets player’s needs.

Dark Country card packs

What if there is no entry barrier?

From the times when the first blockchain-based games were developed, all users were divided into “tribes”. At first most of decentralized applications (dApps) and games were built on Ethereum. Then a few more decentralized platforms arouse like EOS, Tron and others. And each of these “decentralized tribes” were forced to be restricted in one-platform dApps usage.

It is time to forget old grievances and unite these “tribes”. Dark Country gives players an opportunity to feel free. We’ve developed our own multichain framework to be free of network restrictions. This framework especially works for users outside blockchain community. Player will use all blockchain advantages without hard onboarding.

There is no entry barrier, whoever you are — blockchain user or regular player.

Dark Country supports Ethereum, EOS, TRX, WAX and other networks. Also we support any other regular currency and cryptocurrency.

Dark Country multichain framework

Dive into game items tangibility

Dark Country is american gothic game world with items, created, owned and managed by players. Based on the classic Collectible Card Games (CCG), we offer you to open the full potential of your items tangibility with our game modes.

Learn Dark Country game lore here

In each game mode you will be able to collect your deck of creatures, spells and skills. All cards in your deck is totally owned by you. Any player can upgrade, trade, change, destroy his items. You choose what to do with your deck without any restrictions.

Game modes

Different Dark Country game modes will include different features, that might unleash the full potential of items tangibility.

Dark Country early gameplay preview

Classic CCG

There was a huge community formed from the times of the first CCG game. A lot of game variations were created, especially digital CCGs.

We are trying to make the best balance of gameplay and feature set to make you gaming experience bright and unforgettable. In addition many social features are preparing to interact with other players and to make you feel yourself unique.

Auto battler mode

Vengeful Marshal

Auto Battler or Auto Chess game mode, created by Dota 2 player got tremendous popularity. These days such mechanics used in different games variations.

Dark Country Auto Battler is similar to Battlegrounds mode in Hearthstone. Here you will be able to build and improve your army before each round form cards in your deck. When you are ready, you will fight with your opponent’s army. Each round you will have more options to improve your hand and try to defeat your opponent. Proven strategy is the key to success in this mode.

Living board CCG

This mode will open full potential of your in-game items. Dark Country land will be launched and you might defend your land part or conquer new ones.

Here you need both strategy and tactics. You will build your strategy when compounding your deck and preparing for the battle. Your tactical skills you should use on the battle ground. Accumulate resources to build strength, make a swift attack or defend and counterattack — choose your tactics by your own.

Interact with the battlefield
Build your deck based on the battlefield you will be fought on

Control the sources of mana
Grab, control and try to defend the sources of mana. It will give you a winning advantage.

All of the game modes will be step-by-step released as an independent and full-fledged part of the project. And the best thing here is in all of these modes you will be able to use the same in-game items you are own.


Raging Rogue

Dark Country game in being built for the community and all in-game features will be community oriented. One of those features will be esports.

Actually all of us are dreaming to get money from the things we love to do. The thing is it is quite complicated to find it. We want to simplify this search process for our players.

Up to 10% of all gatherings from pre-sale, that will last till the end of 2020, will be redirected to a esports pool. This pool will be used to support our events and tournaments.

There will be a few different event types:

  • Weekly tournaments

These tournaments is more about competition and getting unique stuff. But sometimes winners will be rewarded form esports pool.

  • Regular tournaments

The tournaments will be held on a regular basis and with regular rewards. We are not sure about the regularity and will be asking advice from the community. Cause all these events are being done for the community, right?

  • Annual tournament

Huge even, where the biggest part of annual esports pool will be raffled among winners and some part of participators. We believe this will be the most anticipated event among our players and they will be preparing for it all year long.

Co-creation platform

We asked ourselves a question: “What if gather all the community ideas of its own content, mode or even game in one platform?

Dark Country in-game assets

Working on different projects we often encountered with the persons or groups which were eager to give us their thoughts about updates and new content. Rarely such initiatives were being accounted for and released. Who knows, maybe an idea for a millions slipped by?

Therefore we decided to make a platform were any user can share ideas, improve them with the help of other like-minded people and create their own content, setting or even game. For sure there will be a lot of junk, but among all of such junk world-known Dota was born.

Imagine what we can do together with the help of blockchain-based technology. All realized ideas will be owned by their creators in the literal sense.

Of course, all of the above is not unambiguously defined. It is more a vision of the project, which may be adjusted by relying on the community feedback as well as campaign results.

So we, as a Dark Country project team, offers you to join our community and build it together. Undoubtedly we can build better gaming experience of every player and we can only do this together.

For you guys, who are with us at the first stages, we prepared a special Exodus Card Series of 100 cards epic rarity and higher. They will be available only 50 days from pre-sale start and it won’t be possible to get them from Dark Country after.

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Dark Country

american gothic, CCG based game, where assets owned by users