3 ways you can use your Heroes now and in the future. +2 BONUSES Inside

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Heroes came up in your life out of nowhere, but it takes your mind because of unveiling 3 ways you will be able to use Heroes.

1. Fights on Heroes Fight Club (HFC)

October — November 2020

Regular Match

In regular matches you can get points by winning versus opponent and frag count by killing Heroes. With that said, we will be holding regular tournaments and various events.

You can check Tournament rules for the 1st HFC tournament here https://darkcountrygame.medium.com/dark-country-heroes-fight-club-tournament-1-23a83cc7f172


An experimental mode where one user can lose one of its Heroes in a favor of another user.

Secret Game Mode

Details to be unveiled 4th November, along with livestreaming event to happen 6th November it and a launch of an appropriate tournament.

2. Upgrade and Reforge Heroes

November 2020

Burn and Upgrade Heroes

It will be returned! Improved mechanics to be presented as well.

Reforge Hero

Burn 4 same Heroes to receive one. There will be 4 Reforge levels, details to be released early November.

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Burn/Upgrade of Reforged Heroes to be supported as well, with fairly improved chances.

3. Stake Heroes in order to mine NFTs

December 2020

This is a way for those who want to keep Heroes and increase value. Reforged Heroes will have boosters in staking, so users can receive NFTs faster.

BONUS 1. Dark Country Heroes Supply reduced

With this agenda unveiled, we burn over 90% of unsold Adventure packs and 1000 Champion packs, which is about 30% of total heroes supply.

*We reserve the right to bring burned supply in case of expansion to new blockchains and platforms with new userbase.

BONUS 2. Improved chances on DC Collection Heroes and guaranteed 8 DCC heroes to popup

On Monday 2nd November we will adjust chances on remaining Champion and Adventure packs to drop DCC Heroes. So chances will increase per remaining unopened pack number.

8 guaranteed DCC Heroes to be dropped during opening of remaining packs, if it happens to get to last 8 packs and no DCC hero yet, it means all 8 heroes will be in those 8 packs.

Our webpage at https://darkcountry.io/shop/heroes will reflect current DC drop chance for both packs and of course there are some available.

Those are things to happen in the overseen future, besides that fact we are working on Heroes to use Dark Country TCG game.

Information above gives plenty of room to build a strategy for your Heroes. You can choose to keep rare and epic Heroes to stake long term and use legendary and mythic Heroes to play in fights.

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american gothic, CCG based game, where assets owned by users

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