1 year of Dark Country project: Unveiling huge 2020–21 updates

Hey, Dark Country adepts! It’s been an unusual year to all of us. At the same time, it’s been a year of growth for Dark Country project.

Let’s recall

1 year ago we purchased a domain for darkcountry.io so literally that was a start. In fact DC Team started to conceptualize the game a bit earlier, but actual coding and artwork started about that time we got a domain.

Dark Country Game prototype

But this is just beginning, we are happy to share with you our event plan and updated roadmap

November 6

Finish of Heroes Fight Club Tournament #1
Heroes Fight Club launched only weeks ago, but already has a fan base. October 30th, we launched the first tournament with a great prize pool, where the main prize is 3000 WAX.
For more details follow link https://darkcountrygame.medium.com/dark-country-heroes-fight-club-tournament-1-23a83cc7f172

November 11th

BGA Demo Day. DC Game Showcase
As you may know, Dark Country is a fellow member of Blockchain Game Alliance starting from March 2020. BGA is running its first demo days in November.

November 19th

  • Cultists Packs 3 hours limited Sale with unique NFTs
    Cultists Packs will include unique limited NFTs named DC Cultists. It will have new Mechanics and Card Set.
  • Standard and Cultists packs Batch Unpacking
DC Cultist card

November 20

Dark Country Alpha 2.0 launch for users with Early Access Tickets
Dark Country game will be available to everyone who has Early access tickets. This is the stage where we plan to make all of the card balancing, improve visual and sound effects, get rid of major bugs and make the game stable.

December 2020

Big Partnership and user base expansion
Dark Country team is always looking for opportunities for growth and expansion. We are talking with several companies to boost our user base or have win-win cooperation on different platforms, blockchains, regional representatives.

January 2021

  • Dark Country game Public Beta version launch
    Trading Card part of the game is pretty much ready with all the sound and visual effects, no major bugs and open for the general public.
    We will introduce leaderboard and more sophisticated matchmaking as well here. Also this is the stage where we will start porting our game to mobile devices.
    We wanted this to be more than just a Trading card game, so card battles are just a means to defeat Your opponent on the battlefield and win something from him.
  • Spirits intro and spirits sale — https://darkcountrygame.medium.com/spirits-the-way-to-make-your-nft-10x-rarer-c80533d1a98a
Dark Country Spirits

February 2021

Launch of Heroes Fights Arena inside Dark Country TCG
Arena is a place where Dark Country Heroes meet our trading card game for the first time. Every hero will have it’s special ability which will boost a certain type of deck.

Spring 2021

New Expansion Set Release
TCG games are normally releasing several content expansions along with new mechanics, to return old players and attract new ones. This is core lifecycle of any game.

☠️ Get your Dark Country NFTs

Buy heroes https://darkcountry.io/shop/heroes
Buy packs https://darkcountry.io/shop

☠️ Unpack your DC packs

Exodus card packs unpacker: https://darkcountry.io/unpacker
Hero packs unpacker: https://darkcountry.io/heroes/unpacker

☠️ Join our community!

Discord: https://discord.gg/8R4SaZY
Telegram: https://t.me/dark_country
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DarkCountryGame
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/darkcountrygame

american gothic, CCG based game, where assets owned by users

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